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uSMART Group 3rd Anniversary- From Hong Kong to The World


Launched in Hong Kong

uSMART Group Hong Kong team was formed in December 2018. Hong Kong is one of the international financial center in the world. It’s principle of safety, integrity, professional and innovation are highly demonstrated and deeply rooted in the company's beliefs. Thanks to its safety, reliability, simplicity and ease of use, as well as numerous smart investment service functions, our smart investment platform for Hong Kong and US stock, uSMART APP has been well received by many investors since its launch in July 2019. We achieved rapid growth, and was well recognized and favored by the capital market. The company has completed three rounds of financing in past one year. In July 2021, Chow Tai Fook Nominee Limited became one of our shareholders while Mr. Cheng Chi Ming Brian was invited to be the director of uSMART Group.


Compliance and safety are the top priorities

Compliance and safety are always our top priorities. uSMART Securities Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of uSMART Group, holds Type 1,4 and 9 licenses (Dealing in securities; Advising on securities; Asset management) under the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong to carry out regulated activities, in compliant with the relevant rules and regulations since our establishment. uSMART Securities strictly protects customers' assets, and investors' accounts are protected by Investor Compensation Fund. Bank-grade encryption technologies are adopted to protect trading data, so as to ensure the safety of customers' assets and information. We have two server centres in Hong Kong and the dual-data backup center setup ensures the flexible, stable and secured online trading services.


Technology and product-driven, creating a leading ecosystem that consists of investment education, trading and smart investment

Technology is the core driver for disrupting the securities industry. The first generation of brokerage firms was mainly paper-based counter trading; the second generation of brokerage firms with electronic trading arose due to the adoption of computer technology; the third generation of brokerage firms is benefited from the development of mobile internet technology, and a number of pure internet brokerage firms have emerged, and the trading method has been greatly changed in terms of trading hours and medium.


Currently, uSMART Group has a team of close to 400 people, of which 200 are in product and development talents based in the science and technology innovation center in the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen. The core team members are from Tencent, Alibaba, Yahoo, UBS, BNP Paribas, Ping An and other well-known technology firms and financial institutions. uSMART Group connects investment with investor education and intelligent investment services, and acts as a leading fourth-generation brokerage firm.  


Client centric in product development and service, creating value for clients consistently

Mr. Torry Hong, the founder and CEO of uSMART Group, said “In the process of product design and development, uSMART Securities has always been guided by user needs, and strives to solve the pain points of Hong Kong and US stock investors. uSMART is not only determined to provide a good trading platform with excellent user experience, but also to create value for users by providing remarkable education services and intelligent investment services continuously.”


Clients from a younger age group have shown strong interests in investing in Hong Kong and US stocks, but they are hesitated to take the first step due to the lack of investment knowledge. uSMART Group's investment education platform “BEERICH” has prepared a series of investment courses to help the young clients to improve their knowledge and competency in investment, enabling them to invest in Hong Kong and US stocks "smartly".


  BeeRich APP  


In addition to young clients, there are two typical groups of people in uSMART Securities customer base: new middle-class white-collar workers and professional Hong Kong and US stock investors. For the new middle-class white-collar workers, we have developed many smart investment tools like “Smart orders”, “Smart monitor”, “Daily stock pick” etc. Take smart order as an example, if a user wants to buy Tesla at $800 per share, and the current price of Tesla is over $1100 per share, under the normal circumstances, it is impossible to place a successful order as the purchase price deviates from the current price. But uSMART Securities makes it possible Our App will help the user to keep an eye on Tesla's stock price in real time for up to 30 days, and once the price goes back to $800, uSMART Securities will execute the order immediately. This allows clients to invest in Hong Kong and U.S. stocks "smartly" even in their sleep at night. For professional investors, uSMART Securities provides APP, PC and API trading methods. uSMART Securities provides in-depth U.S. Stock quote, and PC terminal has launched TWAP and VWAP functions, which allow professionals to monitor the market and transact in multiple windows to meet their swift and diversified investment needs.

Streaming Quote


Through uSMART Securities platform, users can invest in Hong Kong and US stocks directly, as well as other diversified investment products including Bitcoin futures ETF (BITO.US) that global investors are eyeing on recently. Fund Platform 2.0 provides users access to over 70 well-known funds (BlackRock, PIMCO, Franklin, Fidelity, etc.), many of which with zero subscription fees. Besides, many experienced users choose to follow the investment strategies formulated by uSMART Securities’ quantitative team. More than 10 investment strategies, including U.S. technology growth, Greater China consumer Hong Kong stocks, etc., have performed well and most of them have outperformed the benchmark, attracting many users to subscribe into the strategy. Many users opened a discretionary account to let uSMART Securities’ professional team to manage their investment in a “smarter” way.


Smart Order Smart Investment Strategy Smart Diagnosis


Practicing the mission of providing leading smart investment services to global users

The widespread of mobile internet allows investors to invest in global stocks with one click on their cell phones anytime and anywhere. Hong Kong and U.S. stock investment is no longer a game for only a small group of people. Investors around the world only need to download the uSMART APP to enjoy the service. We pay great attention to the localization of products and services and we are pleased to know that many Hong Kong users consider uSMART Securities as an Internet brokerage that fits the investment needs of Hong Kong citizens.


Outside Hong Kong, uSMART Group is expanding to Singapore, providing Singapore and Southeast Asian investors with an online trading platform that meets their needs by a local team. Our Singapore business will be launched soon, users are welcome to have a try. From HK to the world, serving global investors. The mission of uSMART group has always been to provide leading smart investment services to global investors.