US Stock Commission Plan (Applicable to Standard Account)

Details of Charges
1. Regular Plan

Lifetime $0 Commission Plan : All users are eligible to enjoy 0.00% commission rate per US stock transaction, with a fixed US$0.005 platform usage fee per share

(maximum platform usage fee/ transaction: 0.5% of transaction amount, minimum platform usage fee: US$1.5 / transaction)

2. Pass through fees

3. Attentions

1)  All charges are applicable to Hong Kong region users only

2)  Investors should be aware of the risks of investing in penny stocks, including volatility and delisting. To protect investors, the maximum charge of commission fee and platform usage fee will be 0.5% of transaction

3)  When user is trading, if one order is commanded in multiple trades, the fee is only charged for once

4)  Fees and charges determined and collected by the Hong Kong SAR Government and HKEX. You may visit the HKEX website as reference