Settlement Instruction

How to deposit stocks?

How to deposit stock

1 Enter the stock deposit function

1.1 Go to the “Account”

1.2 Select HK stock account if you want to deposit HK stock. Select US stock account if you want to deposit US stock.

1.3 Click "Stock Deposit"

1.4 If you need to deposit both HK & US stock, please notify us separately.


2 Fill in the information

2.1 Fill in the information of the counterparty and your information in counterparty.

2.2 Fill in the your uSMART account number (if any).

2.3 Add information of stock you want to deposit to uSMART


3 Confirm the information and notify counterparty

3.1 Confirm all information and submit the application.

3.2 Notify counterparty

3.3 Different brokers have different notification methods. It is recommended to contact the counterparty to get their “notification method for transferring stocks”.