Capture Market Opportunities through Smart Investment

Our AI provides all-round monitoring services to different markets worldwide and analyse market data, generating model portfolios which keep up with the latest trend of the markets for references. The users can access to these model portfolios at any time and any place via our App.


Long-term Strategy

Low Valuation

Explore valuable stocks with low valuation with high growth rate based on potential of stock growth, valuation and adjustment of magnitude;Investment Objective: Invest stocks with high potential of growth, enabling capital gain in the long-run

Value Bonus

Pick stocks with high stock dividend, low valuation with potential for growth;Investment Objective: Invest stocks with high dividend to enable capital gain in the long-run

ROE-PB – Steady Return

Track ROE-PB trends to select stocks with stable income and good business performance;Investment Objective: Invest stocks with stable returns to meet long-term capital gain


Short-term Strategy


Capture market potential opportunities and ideal rewards through XGBoost system; Investment Objective: Capture short-term gains through AI’s smart investment strategy

Steady for Growth

Select stocks with high market mobility and strong performance in short-term;Investment Objective: Invest the stocks which are on rising trends to seize short-term gains