Capture Market Opportunities through Smart Investment

Our AI provides all-round monitoring services to different markets worldwide. Customers can stay on the pulse of the market at anytime, anywhere through our App.


Long-term Strategy

Low Valuation

Explore valuable stocks with low valuation with high growth rate based on potential of stock growth, valuation and adjustment of magnitude;Investment Objective: Invest stocks with high potential of growth, enabling capital gain in the long-run

Value Bonus

Pick stocks with high stock dividend, low valuation with potential for growth;Investment Objective: Invest stocks with high dividend to enable capital gain in the long-run

ROE-PB – Steady Return

Track ROE-PB trends to select stocks with stable income and good business performance;Investment Objective: Invest stocks with stable returns to meet long-term capital gain


Short-term Strategy


Capture market potential opportunities and ideal rewards through XGBoost system; Investment Objective: Capture short-term gains through AI’s smart investment strategy

Steady for Growth

Select stocks with high market mobility and strong performance in short-term;Investment Objective: Invest the stocks which are on rising trends to seize short-term gains