Hong Kong Market

    Hong Kong stock minimum trading unit

    The term "board lot" is commonly used in Hong Kong's securities market to refer to a trading unit. Unlike the Mainland markets where the board lot size is 100 shares, the board lot size of a listed security in Hong Kong is determined by the issuer. Investors may check the board lot size of a security here by inputting the stock code or company name in the relevant field.

    Securities of less than one trading unit (i.e. one board lot) is commonly known as an odd lot in Hong Kong. Odd lots are not accepted by the Exchange’s trading system for auto-matching, but there is a special lot market in the system for odd lots trading. Exchange Participants (EPs) may post their odd lot orders onto a designated screen on the trading system for matching by other EPs. In general, share prices of odd lots are slightly lower than that of the same security in the board lot market due to their lower liquidity. 

    Moreover, securities worth less than $0.01 per share (below the lowest price limit in the board lot market) may also be traded in the odd lot market although they are of a quantity equal to one board lot. For example, when the nominal price of a security is at $0.01, the order price in the odd lot market can be as low as $0.001, which is the system’s lowest limit.  However, the order price must not deviate nine times or more from the nominal price or is one-ninth or less of that price. Like the board lot market, the Exchange will provide the market via information vendors with real-time information about the odd lot market to enhance market transparency.