Leading Hong Kong Trading Securities Mobile Application - uSMART Securities

The New Generation Professional Smart Investment Platform


Professional Team

Licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong for Type 1, 4 and 9 regulated activities

The core team is comprised of world-renowned technology giants and financial institutions includes Goldman Sachs, UBS, Tencent, Alibaba, Microsoft and Yahoo.


Smart Investment

AI-driven investment strategy with Smart Stock Selections

Smart Scoring and Monitoring System


Simple Account Opening Process

Face-to-face customer authentication is not required

Account opening process in 3 minutes with your smartphones – anytime, anywhere


Commission-Free Trading

$0 commission fees for US stock, HK stock trade commission fees waiver for the first 210 days


Solid Foundations

uSMART Securities has won wide industry recognition with its commitment to deliver smart investment experiences.

Our efforts have gained various awards, including the “Most Innovative Data Provider of the Year” from HKEx Information Services Limited and the “Intelligent Investment Platform Award of Excellent” from Now Business News Channel


Safe and Secure

Set up 2 data centers in Hong Kong

Offer advanced security features to keep transaction records protected


A Good Deal of Real-time Quote

Valued Price of Real-time Quote Streaming Service

Grasp every investment opportunity in the ever-changing stock market


Convenient Deposit

Gives you convenient deposit funds with eDDA, FPS etc.

eDDA provides instant payment without bank transfer and uploading receipt

No service charges, safe, fast and convenient

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Diversified Products

Offer a wide range of product offering include US and HK stock, ETF, Fund, Warrants, CBBC, Inline Warrants

IPO Stock

$0 commission and $0 administration fee, margin interest rate at 1.6%

Support Grey Area Trading

Offer Equity Capital Market (ECM)

Monthly Stocks Savings Plan

The first financial technology securities firm in Hong Kong offers US stocks and ETF monthly savings plan

Support odd log transactions including US stocks, HK stocks and ETF

24-Hour HKD/USD Exchange

Capture global investment opportunities

Stock Money Flow Indication

Learn the market insights through the flow of hot money

Conditional Order

Send transaction instructions when reaching target stock price


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